Reviews - H. Lebow Diamond Brokers
Our satisfied customers speak for themselves. Take a look at the reviews left by our customers and find out why people choose H. Lebow Diamond Brokers.
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Carleigh C., Sarasota, FL

I would highly recommend Mr. Lebow to anyone interested in buying or selling a quality diamond. He has a wealth of experience in his field and he is upfront, personable and makes the customer feel comfortable. I recently sold a diamond ring to him and I am very happy with the price he offered me. Doing business with him was a pleasure.

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Alex F., Cincinnati, OH

Had nothing but a positive experience with H Lebow Diamond Brokers. I didn’t know much about the business going in or what I was looking for but Howard took the time to sit down and show me the ropes.Howard is a very easy person to get along with and a very patient man. I never felt pushed to do business with him or felt like I was getting false information. I would recommend H Lebow Diamond Brokers to anyone that I know.

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Dana F., Cincinnati, OH

I would highly recommend Mr Lebow to anyone interested in buying or selling a quality diamond.  He has a wealth of experience in his field and he is upfront, personable and makes the customer feel very comfortable.  I recently sold a diamond ring to him and I am very happy with the price he offered me.  Doing business with him was a pleasure

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Claudia K., Cincinnati, OH

You WILL find a priceless gem here – the owner, Mr. Lebow. Integrity, honesty, kindness and understanding are coupled with decades of professional experience. I came to him for an estimate for work since I had inadvertently lost my diamond in my engagement ring. After over 20 years, I was shocked to discover it missing and figured there was no way I could replace it now with the budget I had, but thought I should see what I should save for. He was not only kind, understanding, but he has a large inventory and was able to match the size and quality (as best I could describe it) and was able to do so at a price within our budget. Thankfully I asked him to check the stones in my my band and he discovered that several were loose! I left everything with him, and in less than a week, replacements were made, the repairs were made, I didn’t break the bank, I had an appraisal and my despair at my situation was gone. I can’t thank him enough! I don’t believe I could have gone anywhere else and received the personal attention, the kindness, professionalism, quality of service, workmanship or jewel at the price that I did. I am still amazed that I was fortunate enough to stumble onto him and wholeheartedly recommend him for any jewelry repair, replacement or design. He’s a keeper!

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Rhonda P., Cincinnati, OH

I was a little uncomfortable with making an appointment to buy jewelry…that is something only rich people do, right? But I did make the appointment anyway and I am so glad I did! Howard did some major repairs on 3 rings for me. Sizing, replaced stones, tightened prongs and generally gave 3 of my favorite pieces a new life.  The service was phenomenal  and price  was great.  I would recommend Howard to anyone!

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Marcus C., Hamilton, OH

Before buying an engagement ring, I had no idea what to do or how to go about it.  I was skeptical as I am with every major purchase in my life.  I had just bought a house so I was hoping to get a ring that was very nice, but also reasonably priced.  Good luck right?  So I decided to go to one of the big diamond stores first, just to take a look at a few diamonds and get some pricing.  Needless to say, it was an experience that I wish I could forget.  After telling them that I was just looking and wanted to get some ideas, they refused to take no for an answer.  All I wanted to do was see a few diamonds, but they were intent on getting a sale and made me feel completely uncomfortable the entire time.  I was there for nearly 2 hours and I felt almost like a hostage.  After finally leaving there, I knew I wouldn’t step foot into another one of those stores.  I had heard of diamond brokers, and Howard was the person I came upon after a quick Google search.  After talking to him on the phone, we set up a meeting and the rest was history.  Howard was knowledgeable, trustworthy, kind, and generally wanted to make me happy while also teaching me about diamonds along the way.  He answered all of my questions and delivered everything he said on time.  I needed the ring before New Years Eve and he called me almost 2 weeks before saying it was already done!  I cannot stress enough how down to earth and comfortable Howard makes people feel.  I was able to get a beautiful diamond for my fiancé, and also not spend a fortune in the process.  I would 100% use Howard for any jewelry purchase in the future and recommend him to anyone!

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Eric C., Minneapolis, MN

I would recommend Howard to anyone looking for an engagement ring and couldn’t have been more happy with the end result. I think it’s really easy to get excited about making a purchase like this and also really easy to jump into a purchase for something you know nothing about. I went to a few other stores before meeting with Howard and they weren’t the best experiences. Bright lights of the Jewelry store make everything look great, make sure you know what you’re getting. You don’t need someone that is focusing on getting the sale in the next 10 minutes and leaves you wondering if you really got what you paid for.

I had done a lot of research prior to meeting with Howard and I found that I still new nothing. Howard took the time to teach me about diamonds, understand the different qualities and how those qualities will both affect the appearance and the price. We met 4 or 5 times over a couple months and I feel like I probably know as much as the people did from the first few places I went to. Howard comes from a family of Jewelers and I don’t think you’ll find someone that knows more than he does. I could tell he was really working for me the entire time and his reputation is worth more than selling you something you will have regrets about later.

It doesn’t matter how much money you are looking to spend. Howard can work to get you something you, and most importantly, your future fiance will love. I’ve been paying more attention to rings since working with Howard. My fiance will always be able to find someone with a bigger ring, but I haven’t seen any that shine like hers does.

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Michael W., Louisville, KY

When you start the journey of buying an engagement ring it can feel like an overwhelming task. I am thankful that I came across H Lebow Diamond Brokers. Mr. Lebow helped my take this overwhelming task and turn it into a fun and exciting time. From the first time I met with Howard, I could tell that he was genuine and took pride in what he does. That means something especially after being to big box stores and dealing with a few other diamond brokers where I felt as they cared more about a sale then what I wanted.

When I met with Howard his diamonds were a cut above the rest. The moment I saw the diamond (which I ended up buying) it knocked me out of my chair. I could not stop looking at it. He took my prior knowledge about diamonds and expanded it by talking with me in his office answering any question I had. Once leaving his office his office I knew that was the diamond I had to have because it was simply better than everything else I had seen. Throughout the following week me and Howard had many conversations some lasting close to a hour. By the second time I came to his office he even had the ring setting I wanted and everything was perfect.

After purchasing the diamond the wait to have the ring finished was the worst part of just having to wait, but it was so worth it. Once Howard pulled out my ring and handed it to me I was speechless, it was the most perfect and beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I would recommend H Lebow Diamond Brokers to anyone who is looking for anything from an engagement ring to an anniversary gift, trust me you can’t go wrong.

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Sean H., Cincinnati, OH

If you are a first time buyer looking for an engagement ring, Howard is your guy. I had no idea what I was doing as far as purchasing jewelry, and Howard took the time to educate me and help me make an informed decision. His love for his work shows in every experience with him, as does his genuineness. He is very trustworthy and will make every effort necessary to get you the piece that is perfect for you and your significant other. I cannot thank Howard enough for helping to make what can be a daunting experience so enjoyable. I know my fiance appreciates it!

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John H., Fort Thomas, KY

I worked with Howard Lebow for several months to purchase the perfect engagement ring. Over the course of several visits Howard carefully hand selected several high quality diamonds and bands for me to select from. He provided an unbiased opinion on each of them. We also examined the diamonds together and weighed the pros and cons of each. The whole experience was great. He understood me as the consumer that he had to work with in my budget but also provide a high quality stone. And he did exactly that. There was absolutely no high pressure sale tactics. Howard’s knowledge and expertise in find diamonds is incredible. Not only was the process very comfortable and enjoyable, I also learned a tremendous about diamonds, having knowing nothing beforehand. Howard even handled obtaining the proper insurance for the ring. I didn’t have to do a thing. I would strongly urge anyone in the market for an engagement ring or any fine jewelry to talk with Howard Lebow. He met and exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. I will definitely use Howard Lebow’s services in the future for all my fine jewelry purchases.

John H.

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Jeana L., Fort Mitchell, KY

I recently worked with Howard to design the perfect engagement ring for my fiancee.   Howard’s business model gives him the freedom to provide a level of service that is unparalleled in retail jewelry stores today. I shopped in retail stores and online before finding Howard. Howard and I met several times, and he took the time to make sure everything was exactly right.    He walked me through the whole process, from selecting the perfect gemstone to choosing the setting and matching the smaller stones perfectly.

Howard’s experience, combined with the superior quality of the stones and craftsmanship, made the whole experience very enjoyable.  By choosing Howard, I was able to give my fiancee a one of a kind engagement ring and stay within my budget.  I wholeheartedly recommend H Lebow Diamond Brokers.

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Jonny C., Richmond, Canada

When I was looking for an engagement ring, a friend referred me to Howard.  I e-mailed Howard, and he responded promptly.  When we spoke on the phone, he explained everything to me clearly, and answered all questions that I had.

What I was very happy with especially was his customer service.  I was on a tight schedule, and Howard had promised me he had never missed a delivery date.  He wasn’t wrong, I got the ring as promised, and I couldn’t be happier with the product.  My fiance loves the ring as well!

I will not hesitate to use Howard again in the future for all my diamond needs, and without a doubt, refer all my friends and family his way.

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Jeffq W., Cincinnati, OH

When I first talked to Howard, I was a little skeptical.  He talked a big game, so I consistently had the thought in my head wondering if he would let me down, because he generated huge expectations.  When I saw his diamond yesterday, I was impressed.  The expectations he set up were accurate.  I have looked at a lot of diamonds and when this diamond bounced around as he opened the package, it shined like a disco ball.  My fiancé actually oooh’ed as it rolled on the table.  He offers top quality diamonds, and gave me an extraordinarily good price.  The closest diamond I found was about $2000 more at a local jewelry store and I think this one is still brighter.  If you have any questions about this review, you can contact me at [email protected].  I was 120% satisfied with the product offered.  He supplies GREAT jewelry at GREAT prices.

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Benjamin B., Lebanon, OH

Overall best experience I have ever had with a jeweler.

I recently purchased a diamond engagement ring from an area store and was hoping to get it appraised. After emailing a variety of local companies for more information on Sunday afternoon, Howard was the first to reply. He was the only one who explained what the appraisal process would be like, and worked with our busy schedule to set up an appointment based on when we were free.

Upon arrival Howard was very professional. He sat down with my fiance and I and ask about our story and answered any questions we had  before even asking for the ring. He walked us through his process of evaluation step by step, and explained all of the nuances of diamond grading and ring appraisal. It was obvious that he loves what he does and has a passion for jewelry and helping people obtain the highest quality information and jewelry available.

Howard typed up the appraisal on the spot, and explained how he arrived at the appraisal price based on the qualities of the diamond, the ring and current market prices.

He had noticed my fiance flipping through a catalog of colored gemstones which he had on his desk, and was nice enough to ask if we would like to see the variety of colored stones he currently had in stock. He had a multitude of stones which were more richly colored than I had ever previously seen. He explained that he enjoys making custom jewelry and does his best to create exactly what his customers want for the best prices he can obtain.

Howard then asked about our future plans, and educated us on what to look for in a wedding band even if we decide to shop somewhere else. The whole experience was very professional, and, by the end of our appointment, it seemed like Howard was an old family friend rather than simply our jeweler.

My only complaint is that I had not found out about Howard earlier. I would recommend that anyone shopping for jewelry contact Howard and get to see what the jewelry shopping experience should really be like.

My fiance and I will definitely be going back to work with Howard on our future jewelry purchases.

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Mark M., Pisgah, OH

Howard is simply the best!  Best place to buy your Diamonds.  Simply no comparison what Howard can get you compared to any of the chain stores.  He will help you find the perfect Diamond.  Great to work with, punctual, trustworthy, experienced.  Seriously no need to look any farther than Howard.

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Colin J., Cincinnati, OH

This is the only Yelp review I have ever written, but Howard deserves it based on my experience working with him. Bottom line: 100% excellent experience working with Howard.

Background – I was looking to purchase a round diamond and had done extensive homework and research  online and in various retail outlets, had even looked into flying to St. Maarten or the New York Diamond Market for my purchase (Don’t do either of these!). Then I began looking for a bit of a more personalized retailer and ran into Howard.

Customer Experience – I probably met with Howard at least 4-5 times, often more than an hour at a time. Howard was very knowledgeable and answered every question I had, and never rushed anything in the process, took great care to make sure I was comfortable and knowledgeable with every decision I made. At the last minute I even moved my deadline up a couple of weeks from what we had initially set, and Howard pulled some strings and went out of his way to accommodate my last minute change perfectly. Could not have had a better customer experience, Howard treats you like a friend and makes sure you are taken care of.

Diamond and ring – Like I said before I had done my homework, and knew what I was looking for. I wanted a ring that was “on fire” as I explained it to Howard initially. After we discussed what I was looking for, Howard had some stones brought in for me to look at on my next visit. On the next visit I was fully not expecting to find the stone I loved (very picky), but Howard had absolutely nailed it. The diamond absolutely blew away anything I had seen anywhere else within my price range. I can not stress this enough, I had looked other places A LOT and the very first diamond he brought out was so perfect I purchased it on the spot. big time kudos for his ability to deliver a quality product that was precisely what I was looking for. Had a very large selection of rings also, and provided very good insight into this decision – again very very happy with the product.

I would strongly recommend meeting with Howard, I can tell you from experience he is someone you can trust to look out for you and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

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Andy C., Hamilton, OH

Mr. Lebow was extremely helpful to me when I needed some diamonds looked at recently.  I had several items that my mom left behind after her passing and their value was unknown to me.  I wanted to find someone whom I felt comfortable dealing with and I found that with Mr Lebow.   He was both professional and personable while giving his full attention to my diamonds.  I would recommend his services to anyone.  Thank you, Howard, for helping me out and letting me have some of your time.

Andy Carlisle.

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Roger G., Cincinnati, OH

Howard was very helpful with a recent engagement ring appraisal.  He was very insightful and provided many details in regards to a future wedding band purchase.  I will definitely be referring him to others.

5 stars transparent small

Adam P., Cincinnati, OH

Most stores just want to sell you any ring they can find on hand. Howard was the first jeweler to actually take the time to ask what I was looking for in a engagement ring. He went out of his way to have my hand picked diamond ring custom designed and mounted for the exact build I was looking for. Howard was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! I recommend him to anyone looking for jewelry for any occasion. A+ experience from beginning to end.

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Matt O., Loveland, OH

I bought an engagement ring from a very well known national chain. I went back to the same store to find my ideal diamond. After the ring purchase, the company seemed to push me more and more to get a bigger and more expensive diamond. The quality of diamonds they showed me were not nearly as good as what Howard could offer. I was introduced to Howard through a relative and never had any problems. Howard was very helpful. Before we met in person we talked on the phone, he explained his process to me, and I told him what I was looking for. The first time we met, he had two diamonds ready for me to look at. He made the decision process very easy, and I would recommend anybody who wants the right diamond to go to him.

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A. C., Indianapolis, IN

Summary – Howard was incredibly helpful and genuine, and put in a large amount of work to make sure we found a diamond we really loved, under budget.

After reading up a bit on the basic tenets of diamond shopping, we stopped in a couple stores and sent out a few emails to brokers.  Howard responded via email within the hour, and spent 30 minutes on the phone that evening talking through the basic education of diamonds prior to even discussing the specifics of our search.

Since we had a fairly distinct request (rectangular radiant cut), the market was a bit smaller.  We had Howard and a couple local jewelry stores find some diamonds to show us within our parameters.  Surprise – the jewelry stores showed us diamonds anywhere from $3k-$8k(!!) over our budget.  The stones Howard found for us were basically identical on all GIA grading criteria, yet priced substantially less.  Even after negotiating with the jewelry store for their best price, Howard got the business because he found an absolutely beautiful diamond that was amazingly brilliant, and offered it to us at a very fair price.

Overall, our diamond purchase took about a month.  We browsed hundreds of diamonds online and saw 10-15 diamonds in person that fit our criteria.  Not only did Howard find exactly what we were looking for, but he put us at ease, listened, and delivered phenomenal customer service during the entire experience.  A diamond is a large purchase, and if you want someone you can trust to help guide you through the process all the way from from browsing to appraisals and insurance, Howard is the best you’ll find anywhere.

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Carolyn S., Cincinnati, OH

My fiance got my engagement ring from Howard and we recently met with him to get our wedding  bands. He is friendly, professional and knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied. He gave me some great tips on how to take care of my ring and I look forward to working with him in the future.

5 stars transparent small

Ryan N., Olde West Chester, OH

Howard worked with me and my fiance in a collaborative process to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that we both treasure.  The center stone is very rare and we would not have been able to find anything like it without Howard’s knowledge of the diamond and precious stone industry.   Howard even transformed my fiance’s sketches of her “dream ring” into a custom-made piece of art.

From our very first meeting, he was very professional and courteous.   This was my first time buying fine jewelry, and he was able to answer all of my questions and made the buying process very enjoyable.  He was also able to work with my insurance agent to make the appraisal & policy-writing process simple.  In addition, the quality of his inventory was exceptional.  I would recommend Howard to any of my friends or family and I will be going back to him again.

5 stars transparent small

Alan L., Fort Thomas, KY

Professional, knowledgeable, experienced and customer focused are just a few of the words that I would use to describe my dealings with Howard.  I have bought two necklaces from him, both of which brought squeals of delight from my girlfriend. Whenever I’m talking with friends, and the topic comes up, he is always my first suggestion. Save yourself some time, if you are looking for a jeweler, look no further, you have found your man.

5 stars transparent small

Tyler B., Oakley, Cincinnati, OH

Howard helped me put together the perfect engagement ring. He’s a great jeweler to work with. His expertise in GIA diamonds, willingness to work within my budget, and focus on customer satisfaction made for a pleasurable experience. My fiancee was blown away by the ring. Thanks!